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Mar 2010 cheap Oh yes, quite a catch from Iowa! Bully Porter, Horizon Red, Long Face, Iowa pale, Clone, Ring Neck, Brau Pilz & Kiltlifter! All for three small bottles from Pennsylvania! We should do this again! Thanks!
Jan 2006 brewbandit Em set me up very nicely indeed. Allagash Curieux, Smuttanator Double Bock, Smuttynose Wheat Wine, Rock Art Ridgerunner BW, Heavy Seas Below Decks BW, Heavy weight Baltus-Perkunos Hammer-Lunacy and Old Salty 2005, Troegenator Doppelbock, Victory Hop Wallop and Brooklynn Monster Ale. All to be had with the additional fall into Decadence from Insanity laced with Heresy from an ageless Prophesy! All
Oct 2005 jercraigs Just in time for my birthday! Woohoo! Some kick ass beers from my want list and specific requests as well as a couple of surprises. Trade took a decade or too to formulate (me moving halfway across the country didn’t help) but it was well worth the wait! Shipped in big honking styrofoam wine shippers. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the box!: Heavyweight Saison de la Soeur Black,
Sep 2005 madsberg This was a trade that took a little too long, but Em really compensated. 27 beers was recieved today. I’m speachless. Southampton, Heavyweight, Dogfish Head, Victory, Ommegang etc. Loads of world class beers. I would like to give a straight 10, but due to the long delivery time and poor comunications I deduct 2 point in the overall shipment rating. Are you a very patient man, Em sure is one h
May 2005 joeybgood Em sent some awesome East Coast treats. Southampton Grand Cru,Old Herb BW, Baltic Porter, Heavyweight Perkunos Hammer and Cindebock, Victory weizenbock and St Victorious, Ramstein winter Wheat, Stoudt’s Fat Dog , Lagunitas Maximus and a few other wonderfuls brews as well. Great trade and great trader! Thanks again Em..
May 2005 TChrome Took awhile, but it ended up being a fantastic trade. Some great Southampton beers as well as Victory, Highpoint, Heavyweight, and 2002 Oerbier Reserva!!! Thanks Emily for a great trade.
May 2005 zathrus13 Em sent four Southampton Imperial Porter’s and one Southampton Grand Cru. The extras were another Southampton Imperial Porter, a Southampton Old Herb, and a Stoudt’s Fat Dog. A nice trade, and I hope we can trade again.
Feb 2005 Sven Em shipped me several Southampton beers, some Victory beers, a Troegs Mad Elf, Allagash Grand Cru, Weyerbacher Heresy and more. Quite a haul that I am quite pleased with.
Sep 2004 JohnC Em shipped some great beers. thx again
Sep 2004 PWalk 2 bottles of Westvleteren, one Extra 8, one 12 were packaged perfectly. What a great surprise for my 1st shipment. I can’t wait to send something back. The packaging will be the prototype that I use for all my future deliveries.

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