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Dec 2011 BenC Sent off some of the last of my old New Glarus beers to a good home! Justin hooked me up with an awesome 1.5L magnum of Goudenband along with some other beers. Great extras from the brewery he works at too!
Nov 2011 foppa78 My chat buddy hits me up for a few Boulevard brews and in return was extremely generous with some of his Church Brew bottles and even sent me a CBS. Once again proving that our chatz crew are some of the greatest and most generous folks out there. Good friends sharing good beer. I am going to spread the love around with this CBS and surprise my brother by opening it for the holidays. thanks Justin
Aug 2011 arminjewell Traded with Justin some NG brews, and he hooks it up with Bullfrog, Quadzilla and a ton (6+) of locals. Awesome, thanks man!
Aug 2010 drowland I won lithy’s World Cup competition and he sent me Yazoo Sue as well as a slew of Yazoo and Smoky Mountain brews! Shipped nicely in a styro shipper!
Jul 2010 Rustyham great in-person trade: Lithy stopped by an offered me a bottle of New Belgium Lips of Faith La Folie for my bottle of Blackstone XXV
Jun 2010 MrPickles Justin hooked me up with a Yazoo Sue, locals and extras. I felt like I dropped the ball on this trade, but everything was more that smooth on Justin’s end. Thanks again!
Jun 2010 dankman Justin responded to my plea for an Abbaye de Bon Chien 07 and added a Curator Doppelbock and a Yazoo Sue to boot. A nice non-stressful trade.
Apr 2010 grownfool Two part in person trade. Justin wanted some unrated smoke beers and I had a couple extras. Three new New Glarus beers and a four pack of Yazoo Sue for Alaskan Smoked Porter and Fort Collins Barrel Licked Bock.
Mar 2010 Borresteijn Justin contacted me for a bottle of Petit Orval. In exchange, he sent me an insane box of American top brews, all hard to get in the Netherlands, containing Stone IPA, Ruination, Arrogant Bastard, RIS, DFH 90min, 120min, PSM, WWS, and if that wasn´t enough for one bottle he even threw in an Oaked Arrogant Bastard as an extra. Thanks a million for this 1st international trade!
Jan 2010 Cletus Justin hooked me up with a growler of Wolf Hills Fighting Parson’s Pale Ale. Thanks a ton for another awesome trade!

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