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Feb 2016 TheEpeeist Another quick in person trade with Jeff for a great beer from one of my favorite breweries. Thanks man!
Jan 2016 Maltser85 Another great trade with Jeff! He responded to my ISO and we had something ironed out in no time. Great extras too! Solid all the way around. Thanks
Jan 2016 arminjewell Quick easy trade for a couple Allagash brews, bombproof packing and quick shipping. Would definitely trade again!
Oct 2015 Alen Easy trade w/ Jeff. Hooked me up w/ some much sought after beers. Great communication, very friendly. Thanks A+
Sep 2015 Maltser85 Sent out feelers on a King Henry and not only did we come to a fair agreement, Jeff blew me out of the water with extras! Tremendous package, great guy, very generous! This was trade 2...hope to trade again sometime! Thanks!
Mar 2015 davidaa Just opened two boxes from Jeff. This was my first trade because I only had one goal - to acquire a Dark Horizon First Edition. Jeff sent me the requested beer in its cardboard sleeve and it looks like new. The cardboard container is in "perfect" condition. Jeff didn’t need to send any extras but he was too kind and sent some amazing beers. Best of all, they were all beers I had never se
Jan 2015 emacgee Traded for 1 x 2008 Earthmonk. Arrived safely with extras. Everything was packed well and the trade was pretty easy to setup.
Dec 2014 Maltser85 This was my first trade with Jeff and it was great! Great shipping, great communication, delivered as promised along with great extras! A quick glimpse at his past ratings would tell you these things, but I just wanted to say he was great through the whole trade! Hope to trade again sometime! Thanks!
Dec 2014 footbalm In our millionth trade Jeff sent me WAY more beers then I sent him. Brooklyn Hand and Seal, DuClaw Brimstone, Bluepoint Old Howlin Bastard and 2 cans of Spellbound IPA. Thanks again Jeff!
Aug 2014 Rightcross55 Great trade with Jeff. Jeff sent some rare brews for some prairie multiples. All was packed well and arrived safely with some really unique extras. Awesome trader!

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