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Jul 2016 dchmela Jeff sent me some amazing brews in return for some sours and I couldn’t be happier. He sent a great selection of Michigan brews as well as a couple of special Vermont brews. A great trader, very much appreciated.
Nov 2014 dmsulli Had to wait 2 months for part of the trade from him. He offered to send a box to make up for the wait, but that was 2 months ago as well and that hasn’t shown up (not that I was really ever counting on it).
Jul 2014 mcberko A great second trade with Jeff including some fine Michigan meads on his end for some Cantillon on mine. Great communication and very accommodating on shipping time. Awesome trader!
Jun 2014 GT Jeff really hooked us up with tons of special Bells, Kuhnhenn, and Shorts bonuses. This guy knows how to make it rain. Really excited for these. A pleasure to deal with- thank you!
Feb 2014 JCB In what I thought was a simple trade for some nice locals, Jeff absolutely annihilated me with a generous, thoughtful, wide-ranging 12-pack of pure AWESOME. Super treats like BB Plead the 5th and Brandy 4 Elf, a wide array of Shorts, plus some really great looking delights completely new to me. Killer, old school generosity. Cheers, buddy!!!
Jan 2014 BrewtopiaofPJ Great trade and trader. Sours galore! Fantasia, Block 15’s and great freaking extras. Would trade with this guy any time!
Nov 2013 seth_lfod Jeff is a hero. He contacted me to get some bottles, and he blew me away with his generosity. Great guy and I would not hesitate to trade with him again. Thanks again Jeff!
Oct 2013 bytemesis Jeff and I just completed another trade, dragged out a bit thanks to Fed Ex, but everything was handled extremely well. Thanks for a great box of beer, and lets do it again sometime!
Apr 2013 StFun Another box from Jeff, another great treat. Dude is way to busy to be doing this trading nonsense right now, but has hooked me up twice in as many weeks. Thanks so much, my friend!
Apr 2013 bytemesis Jeff and I swapped 12-bottle shippers full of goodness. Very easy guy to work with! We came to an agreement quickly and soon a box of goodness was on my doorstep with a mix of want list gems and interesting extras. Can’t wait to do it again!

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