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Dec 2006 Cletus In a great trade, Matt sent me a box full of goodies from Jolly Pumpkin, Fish Tale, Oud Beersel as well as many Belgian ales, porters and stouts unavailable to me locally. Thanks for a great trade, Matt!
Aug 2006 DocLock I believe this was our 4th trade. Matta sent 13 beers and 2 cigars, in a fully packed and very heavy styro shipper. He even chiseled out the extra space for the bonus beer and cigars on top of the styro! Brilliant. The beers were awesome, ranging from Oud Beersels to Butte Creek IPA/Belgian to Dulle Teve Reserva. Also, Tommyknocker Impy NB, Bagel Stout, and a 2005 Poseidon+many more!
May 2006 DocLock Matt used a 6 slot styro shipper to quickly send me A lionhead stout, a Jamaica stout, a Terrapin Hop Monster, and 3 Andelot offerings, which I will rate shortly. Great packaging and great shipping speed! This is the 3rd trade Matt and I have made, and I hope to see that number rise throughout 2006!
May 2006 Dorwart Second trade with matta and he comes through again! Received 3 different Cuvee brews Euphorique, Mystique and Diabolique, Avery Mephestopholies (finally), Kulmbacher Eisbock, Thirsty Dog Siberian Night, Oak Aged Yeti, Chamberlain Pale Ale, 2005 Big Hoppy Monster, JP Maracaibo Especial, Orange Blossom Pilsner and a Penn Dark Lager. Can’t wait to try them!
Apr 2006 fordest Matt sent me the Achel Extra Bruin (de drie Wijzen) I wanted. Plus threw in a Fish Tale Old Woody just so that I could use the Woody for Woody title here. You see, I sent hem a Pizza Port Le Woody Brune. Good thinking Matt, and great packing, and a great trade. Thanks Matt
Mar 2006 biz82 Matt sent me 1 Jolly Pumpkin La Roja, 1 Calabaza Blanca, 1 Marachibo Especial, and 1 Luciernaga Grand Reserve. BONUS BEERS- 1 Kulmbacher Eisbock and 1 Cuvee Mystique. Excellent trade my friend. Many thanks.
Mar 2006 tjthresh What a glorious day. Matt hooked me up good. Mephestopheles (2), Siberian Night, and Terrepin Big Hoppy Monster plus 3 bonus beers. Packed great. I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks Matt!!!
Feb 2006 zathrus13 Matt sent the agreed upon two Mephistopheles and one Avec les Bons Voeux Dupont. Then, he included extras of Avery White Rascal, Shipyard Brewer’s Choice Brown, and a Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza!! A pleasant trade, Matt is easy to deal with, packs well, and ship quickly.
Feb 2006 MikeMac Matta a sent out 15 perfectly packages bottles of the following .1 Abbey de Rocs Brune, 1 Brasserie des Rocss Grand Cru 2 Avery Mestopholes 1 lionheart stout 1 jamacia stout 1Avery The Czar Impy Stout 1 Wake n Bake 2 Mendencino Winter Ale 1 Siberian Night Imperial Stout BONUS 1 Cadilac Mountain Stout 1 Gren Flash Extra Pale Ale 1 Fish Tale Leviathan Barley wine 1 Fish Tale Old Woody I was Shocke
Feb 2006 TheBeerSommelier Once again, Mr. Abdoney sent me beers with all due haste, gusto and personality. One Fort and a pair of Mephistopheles’ was the base trade, with an Old Woody, a Shipyard pint glass and a tasty lookin’ seegar as bonuses. As always, he’s ’da man.

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