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Sep 2012 drowland Dammit, Walt! He paid for some beer, paid for shipping, and even sent shippers for it... and still included beer! Awesome beers, vintage beers, and even a couple off of my WL! WTF WALT?! ...and possibly a bottle of urine. Still not sure about that one.
Jun 2009 Kevin so even though while he was kind enough to put me up at his house, i broke his 200 dollar pair of sunglasses, gave him a concussion, treated him as my personal car service, and really said some inappropriate, yet funny things to his girlfriend, while rarely making eye contact to her because i was looking for her adam’s apple, walt sends me the beer i bought at dld, plus 2 more. for a retarded oomp
Feb 2009 IrishBoy Walt sent the requested 3 Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #3s and added North by NW Pomelambic, Flemish Sour Ale, and Kreik, 2002 HOTD Doggie Claws, Founders Devil Over a Barrel and Devil Dancer, Goose Island 2006 Demolition and a 2008 BC Stout, and a Struise Mikkeller all because I had picked up and sent him a couple of Damnation 23s. Thanks a ton Walt. I told Walt not to worry when all his cellar wa
Jul 2007 thebaldwizard Walt sent me a great box in return for one I sent him awhile back. Packed well and an incredible selection! Several from North by Northwest, Vintage Hardys, 83 Courage, an awesome mead and a great sake (too hard to spell those...) A couple Saint Arnold Divine Reserves and to top it all off...a Beatification batch 1. All were bonuses except for the North by Northwest stuff!!! Thank you Walt for
Apr 2007 jimbowood What Walt lacks in communication and timeliness, he more than makes up for in quality bonus brews. Not only did Walt send the agreed upon AleSmith Decadence and PP Cuvee, but he also shipped DFH Zwa’nendale, NxNW Belgian Brown, Hopping Frog Belgian, and an additional Belgian 750 ml brew. That’s a total of 4 bonus 750 ml bottles. Nice job Walt.
Feb 2007 OhioDad WOW! Walt asked for some ohio brew so I sent them off. He got pretty busy but let me know that he would be sending me a box when it all cleared up.. I was not expecting this though! Wow 12 beers in a styro shipper 8 off my WL. Fullers Vintage 2000,2001,2002,2004,and 2006, Nils Oscar Imperial Stout, RR Depuration, NBNW Guldenbiere 2006, Saison 500, Meantime Scotch and DFH Zwaanend’ale.. HOLY COW!!
Jan 2007 footbalm Perfectly packaged in a Russian River looking shipper. Lost Abbey Lost and Found,2006 Pannepot.2005 Oerbier Reserva,2005 Stille Nacht Reserva, North by Northwest Saison and a 1995 Thomas Hardys. Thanks again for another great trade Walt.
Jan 2007 JohnC Walt sent some Olfabrikken along w/ Duck Rabbit, St Arnold and Northwest. Great trade
Dec 2006 thebaldwizard Over the course of two trades--or one really extended trade--Walt sent me some incredible stuff--and some beer too. I got Pizza Port Cuvee De Tomme, 030303, Lost Abbey Red Barn, Mactarnahns Bourbon Cream Porter, North by Northwest Guldenbier, Westy Blond, Petrus Aged Ale and more! Walt’s one cool bastard--and he loves dogs too.
Dec 2006 jason Walt kicked ass by sending me one each of the following: Westy 12, Still Natcht special reserva ’05, GI IIPA, Bells 7000, Alesmith Numbskull, NBNW Belgian Brown. He pretty muched knowcked half of my want list off. Awesome Rb’er. Thanks Walt!

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