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Sep 2016 sloth Care package from Dakine. Very nice and TOTALLY unexpected! Great selection! Awesome packaging, towels!! Not necessary but truly appreciated my friend. Hope to be able to reciprocate the favor one day. Thanks so much to the top rated trader on ratebeer! Very nice! my ass has been humbled once again.
Aug 2016 bytemesis Dak dropped me a want list top 50 gose as a thank you for a recent mule box. Could not ask for more - thank you!
Jun 2015 JohnGalt1 Another great trade with Dakine. Thoughtful box with a bunch of new to me brews. Much appreciated.
May 2015 BOLTZ7555 Dam came through once again! Was in need for a bottle of Parabola and he was able to connect with a friend for a bottle. Always available, very generous...an incredible asset to this community! You ROCK!
Mar 2015 thebaldwizard Dak and I made a quick swap,so he could help out some neighbors with a beer they wanted to try. What a nice guy! Quick and easy of course. Cheers!
Jan 2015 bleeng Got a couple of FW18’s from Dak. He will get a box of St. Arnold rarities soon. Thanks!
Dec 2014 kbudd19 Second trade with Dak, this time he throws in Black Tuesday and cans of heady topper as extras....as seen from the 600 plus other reviews he is world class. Thanks buddy. Hope to do this again next year.
Dec 2014 WillRunForBeer Daknole is a pro, as if that isn’t obvious. I answered his call for Heady Topper and our trade went smooth as can be. He went over the top on extras, too. Cheers, Dak! Looking forward to our next trade.
Dec 2014 jaasen64 Awesome trader, easy to work with, and hooked me up with a huge want and overall awesome package! Don’t hesitate to trade with daknole!
Nov 2014 bytemesis Quick trade with Dak - a four bottle shipper to him for a pair of Arizona Wilderness growlers and a follow up box after my trip. Could not ask for a better, or more generous, trading partner. Thanks again man!

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