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Feb 2006 KAggie97 and I’ve never been happier to say that. Sully (the American one) sent: Michigan Penninsula Porter, Bell’s Amber, Dark Horse Black Bier, King IPA, Atwater Bock Dark Lager, and Angler’s Ale. Thanks!
Feb 2006 Lou18 I got 12 oz bottles and could not be happier..Bells amber, dark horse reserve special black bier, Atwater dunkel,Michigan brewing porter, king IPA, Arcadia anglers ale
Jan 2006 eboats In our local 6 pack trade Sully sent the following: King IPA, Atwater Dunkel, Bells Amber, Arcadia Anglers Ale, Dark Horse Black Bier, and a Penninsula Porter. Packing was great, and shipping was quick. Great trader.
Dec 2005 Walt So I get the grail (Rasp Eisbock of course) and a Founders Black Rye!!! Perfect trade!!!!!!!!
Nov 2005 Dough77 Excellent shipping quality from Sully, who sends out 3 gems -raspberry eisbock -3 guys off the scale -penetration porter. Big thanks to sully for coming through, very quickly.
Nov 2005 atpayne Sully sent me a bottle of Raspberry Eisbock and an unexpected bottle of Bell’s Oatmeal Stout, from the November Stouts of a few years ago. He was very fair in what he asked for in return for this gem and everything was packed nicely. I’m very happy with the trade.
Nov 2005 pineypower Got 1 bottle of New Glarus Belgian Red, 1 bottle of Bells batch 7000, 1 bells 20th anniversary, and two other add ons from Detroit forget names of the top of my head. Great dealing with him and super fast shipping!