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Apr 2007 Brewso Got two Elissa IPAs and a Real Ale Rio Blanco Pale. Fast delivery!
Jan 2007 Thaichile A quick swap of IPAs. Got 3 Saint Arnold Elissa IPA. Thanks for the fast turnaround!
Sep 2006 hopdog Louis asked if I could get some beer. I searched and couldn’t find them - so what does he do? He sends me 2 beers for nothing in return. How about that - he asks for a trade and ends up the only one shipping! I owe you!
Jul 2006 OhioDad After agreeing to a 6 pack trade, I got 2 St Arnold IPAs, Lawnmower, Pilsner, Brown, Wheat, and a bonus Divine 2! Packed great and shipped fast. Thanks a bunch!
Apr 2006 fordest Louis sent me everything I wanted, Great Divide Yeti and a few local Texas brews. THEN HE DOUBLED IT. Turned out to be TWO GD Yetis and TWO of every local he sent. Independence Wheat, Brown, and Pale. And an additional St Arnold Stout. Great trade all packed with perfection. Thanks for the trade Greeny.
Dec 2005 brewbandit 123456green delivered a taste of Texas with a sixer of St. Arnold IPA! Thanks, Louis!
Dec 2005 DarkElf In a small and easy trade, Louis sent me 2 Real Ale Brewhouse Brown Ale, 2 Real Ale Full Moon Pale Rye Ale and 2 Real Ale Rio Blanco Pale Ale. As a bonus he included a Saint Arnold Christmas Ale. Well packed, quick turnaround, good communication. The easiest trade ever. Thanks!
Aug 2005 Odeed mr green sent a left hand impy,small batch 471,and tow great devide bonus brews.fast at shipping and good communication.
Aug 2005 11026 Louis sent out a great selection of beers from the great state of Texas. Great packaging, excellent communication and more prompt than I was. Included were Hairy Eyeball, Sisyphus, Real Ale Brown and Lawnmower, Golden Monkey x2. I am in debt to the man!!!
May 2005 dhlesq 5 local Texas brews for 2 Hopzilla Good enough for me. Excellent trader.

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