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May 2012 Glouglouburp My 7th trade with Craig!!! Not bad considering the distance between us, California <-> Montreal. A monster load of limited Bruery (ISO FT, Smoking Wood, Smoking Wood Bourbon, Oui Oui, Sans Pagaie, Sour in the Rye), a FiftyFifty Eclipse I was missing and then (drumroll...) a totally unexpected Duck Duck Gooze!!?!?!?!? Simply Wow!
Jan 2011 Glouglouburp Another jaw-dropping load from my friend Craig who sends from California to Montreal Bruery Brandy BA Papier, Bruery Oude Tart, Black Tuesday, Angels Share Grand Cru, Bruery Barrel Fermented Autumn Maple, Bruery Loakal Red. And then Craig adds a bonus of Veritas 007!!!! (Yes, Veritas 007 as a bonus!!!!). An outstanding box from an outstanding perso
Jul 2010 MrChopin Trade #7 with Craig. He came through quickly with a much-needed 750ml of Beatification. Also put in a Red Barn and Veritas 007. Extra’d a batch 003 Temptation from my wants. After nearly 100 beer trades, there is no-one else that I’d prefer to trade with. Thanks again man!
May 2010 MrChopin Craig started our sixth trade saying he had no Angel’s Share Grand Cru. He sent a Black Tuesday, Oude Tart, Amorosa, and Ne Goien Saison, extra-ing a second Amorosa. Not one to pack a "half-assed" box, he then added an AS Grand Cru, originally having lied just to surprise me with it. Craig... bring a life-vest if we ever drink together ’cause I’ll buy enough beer to drowned all present.
Mar 2010 Elliesbrown All im gonna say is look at what Craig sends people, Hes a Fucking gangster pimp and epic trader!!
Jan 2010 Glouglouburp In an epic trade with Craig I received ... (drum roll) ... Black Tuesday(!!!), Sinners 08, Sinners 09, Bruery Bourbon Papier, Bruery White Oak, LA Duck Duck Gooze. Could it be the best six-pack ever sent to anyone? Maybe. This one will go down in history for many reasons. Craig, my friend, we will one day share a beer and reminisce about this trade.
Nov 2009 daknole Damn perfect trade. Bruery BT!!!, White Oak and a Duck Duck. Hell yes! CHEERS!!!!
Sep 2009 MrChopin 5th trade with Craig and easy as always. Sends an RR Consecration, Alesmith BA Old Numb, LA Angels Share, BB Angels Share, Older Vis, and DDG. Then throws in a PP BA Santas Little Helper and a favorite in Bruery’s Hottenroth BW. Packed expertly and shipped immediately, Craig is definitely one of the premiere traders on RB. He’s someone I’ll always try to keep a running trade with.
Sep 2009 Glouglouburp Craig rocks my northern world once again. Bruery Papier Rye Whiskey BA <- you read that right!!! LA Duck Duck Gooze, LA BA Santa’s Little Helper and Old Rasputin XII. Then knowing I’m a Saison freak, throws in a bonus of Port Brother Levonian!!!. Bomb proof packaging. Maybe the only person I’ve never met that I consider a real friend.
Sep 2009 BMan1113VR Craig was generous enough to offer to be my Bruery hookup when I am not home in LA. As agreed he sent a Barrel Aged Autumn Maple my way. Quick, easy, well packed and great communication. Craig is a great trader!

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