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Oct 2010 daknole Beware. Once a tremendous trader...now gone bad. I’ve done well over 400 trades and never left anything but great feedback.
Mar 2009 zathrus13 This trade took way to long to finish (about 13 weeks), and communication was lacking, but Gabe came thru in the end. He sent the promised beer, along with bonus brews of Pliny, Reaper Stout, Marin Stout, and a Consecration(!). Hopefully Gabe has things back together and now he can return to be a good and generous trader.
Dec 2008 daknole Well Gabe told me he could get some Old Numbskull BA and says he will also add 2 Abyss(08) and a Ballast Point Sea Monster Imp Stout. So what does he bonus? Well in Christmas paper I open a FW 12 and a BA Speedway Stout. Dude who the hell bonuses those beers? I was speechless. Gabe is the most generous trader around. Simply amazing. Now I have the task of trying to repay him!&#
Nov 2008 daknole Gabe contacted me about a trade and I was floored when I opened the box. 2 maui coconut porters, green flash stout, port santas little helper and then a slew of alesmiths...speedway stout, 2 wee heavys!!!, and another beer from my wants an old numbskull. What a remarkably generous trader. great packing and super communication. thanks man. lets do it again!
Jul 2008 TURDFERGUSON Gabe sent the agreed upon Isabelle Proximus and bonused an Oud Beersel Gueze. Sent in a styroshipper. Communication was a bit slack at times, but it made it here in one piece so I can’t complain too much. Thanks Gabe!
Jun 2008 miketd Gabe asked if I would trade an 06 BA Old Numbskull for a 06 BA Speedway. I love BA Speedway, so it was an easy call. He also bonused Stone IRS, LA Judgement Day and HOTD Fred from the Wood!!! Sweet! Packaging was very good too! This was Gabes first mail trade, and I recommend him highly. Thank you Gabe!!!
Jun 2008 hapjydeuce Face to face trade at the Real Ale Festival and on other San Diego brewery release occasions, Gabe always hooks it up good! We’ve exchanged great stuff from Lost Abbey (Veritas, Cuvee de Tomme, Angels Share) and Alesmith (Barrel-Aged brews). Don’t miss a chance to trade with sauceyhops!