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May 2014 beerdweeb Awesome trader. Great communication. Super cool local extras!
Sep 2012 thome50 Joel helped out with a HUUUUUGE want item for a tasting in a few weeks. He shipped the bottle out extremely fast and was cool waiting for me to get this whole trade coordinated with a few other people! Thanks again!
May 2012 ygtbsm94 In person trade completed with Joel! We exchanged a couple superb 3 Fonteinen bottles of brew. Without a doubt, he is one of the finest and most generous traders on Ratebeer. Thanks Joel for these fantastic beers and endless generosity; can’t wait until our next trade. “Beer is Good Food”
May 2012 b3shine Joel hooked me up with one of my top wants, and threw in a couple of top-notch bombers as extras, all in professional packaging! What more can you ask for??? Thanks, Joel. Let’s do it again sometime.
Mar 2011 thome50 Joel hooked me up with some agreed upon Squall IPA, 120 min. and a Westy 12. He threw in some great extras with a bomber of Nugget Nectar, Serum and Williamsburg Ale Brewmasters Reserve Illumination. Great communication to get the trade worked out. Thanks again.
May 2010 Overml01 (Sorry to take so long to post this... forgot somehow.) Though not an official Beer for Beer trade, noodle hooked me up with tickets to dark lord this year in exchange for some delicious DL ’10. He sent out the tickets as soon as he got them and everything went very smoothly. I’m more than happy to be his first *unofficial* trade, lol.