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Jun 2013 Polorl69 I preyed a Fantome Magic Ghost out of his hands, and he threw in a bunch of great locals. Was super impressed by the selection he sent and great packaging. He was my first trade and was very patient with me and showed me the ropes. Quality guy here!!!
May 2013 daknole Julian is beyond generous. A huge thank you for the great box.
Apr 2013 Glouglouburp Another trade with Julian, another major hook-up. Many kick-ass Upright Sole Compositions and a Block 15 Anniversary Ale. Can’t wait to say thanks in person when we finally meet one month from now. See you soon Julian.
Jan 2013 jyoungsbcp Very easy trade with Julian for some B-bomb and other PNW goodies. Quick, simple negotiations and flawless shipping/delivery. Would absolutely trade with again, and for that matter look forward to.
Sep 2012 Veldrid Just finished up a killer trade with Julian, Berserker on his end for HF on mine. He packaged like a champion and included 3 bombers as extras (to of which were Elysian pumpkin beers that I have been dieing to try!) Great trader and can’t wait to trade with again.
Aug 2012 mcberko Met up with Julian in Bellingham over some beers and exchanged some Cantillon for some limited Uprights, and various others seasonal and limited edition beers. Awesome conversation and a pleasure to meet, for the second time! Great guy for sure.
Jun 2012 mcberko Set up an in-person trade with Julian at the Boundary Bay brewpub. Excellent communication and very helpful at hunting down the beers I requested. Definitely want to meet up again in the future! Thanks Julian!
Jun 2012 deftim13 Another great trade with Julian. Sent along a delicious Upright sour. Thanks again!
May 2012 Boutip Great trade with Julian for a bunch of Upright beers. I would love to do another trade with this guy.
May 2012 Glouglouburp Major Upright hook-up from Julian, a former Montreal hometowner I must add. Six super-limited Upright bottles for the Upright lover that I am to enjoy. Thank-you so much Julian.

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