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Feb 2014 radarsock Ramy supplied me with a 6pack of Nugget Nectar after correctly answering his contest question he posted to the forums. Shipped quite quickly and had done a nice packing job, as well.
Feb 2014 beastiefan2k need some Boat Beer and Ramy got it for me. Well packed box. Flexibility on both of our ends due to holidays and poor whether.
Jan 2014 fatknitty Another great trade in the books with Ramy. Got the agreed upon BCS and he killed it with the extras. Thanks! Can’t wait till our next one.
Dec 2013 5000 Ramy came through for some long time Sam Adams and Chimay wants. He also included brews from Maine Beer, DuClaw, Sixpoint, and Carton. Thanks again Ramy for helping me cross off those wants!!!
Oct 2013 icehawk Great trade with Ramy... he went out of his way to send an awesome selection of locals with a definitive eye toward styles I prefer. I look forward to a chance to do another trade!
Oct 2013 BlowOffTube Bet some brews on some games and ramy sent some great bottles that look tasty. Great packaging.
Oct 2013 mikem409 was my sender in the 6 bottle across America. very nice mix of goodies thanks!
Sep 2013 devman171 Easy 2:2 trade with Ramy, no rush on either side, good packaging, would trade with again
Aug 2013 DaTimBennett Just got my trade from Ramy and I’m a happy man right now! We traded Huna, BA Huna, more CCB stuff, Bourbon County stuff and some Founders stuff. It was a great trade on both parts. Ramy help knock some stuff off my want list. I like trading with an expert!
Jul 2013 Sledutah Summer Secret Santa 2013. Ramy sent me a box filled with great beers, 5 that were on my WL. Thanks!

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