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Jun 2013 solidfunk Well-packed box from Fred with a bonus and even a couple of home brews! Thanks man!
Nov 2011 piscator34 Good times trading with Fred. He sent some Heady Topper, Hill Farmstead, some assorted gueuze, and assorted other goodies. I had lots of fun beermailing back and forth with him as well. A generous trader to be sure. Highly recommended!
Oct 2011 pushkinwow Fred’s a great guy - quick little trade for some Heady Topper, Black Whole and some extras. Great packing, quick delivery and awesome communication. Looking forward to the next trade.
Oct 2011 Savvy1982 Fred blows me out of the fucking water with an absolutely sick box: Hill Farmstead, Drie Fonteinen, Struise... Madness, just madness!
Jul 2011 beastiefan2k face to face trade at Dany’s house. Thanks Fred.
May 2011 Alen Another great, successful trade w/ Fred. The trade was way long ago and I forgot to leave feedback, and can’t remember exactly what he sent me, but that’s not important. Important thing is the guy ships fast, communicates everything, and is a genuine trader. Thanks buddy.
Feb 2011 Sammy A little box of 5 beers, centralized by Heady Topper the main part of the trade, and an unexpected bonus from the Quebec buying club.
Dec 2010 Savvy1982 Fred generously shared his small slice of the Quebec de Molen release with me, sending 2 x Black Damnation, a Tsarina Esra, 2 brews from my fave lambic maker Hanssens, and a bunch of other rare stuff. PLUS he shipped it express so nothing would freeze. A+++ trader right here. Thanks Fred!
Nov 2010 jcwattsrugger Fred walks me through my 1st international trade. He delivers as discussed and includes some very nice bonus beers that are local to him. He also took the time to see he wasn’t sending something I had already rated! cheers, john
Nov 2010 tbadiuk Fred has hooked me up with some HO.ST (Hopfenstark) beers, twicw now. Thanks Fred! Looking forward to hopefully having beers with you at Mondial in June!

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