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Oct 2010 sherm1016 Marc sent out some Pretty Things, Smuttynose Ry(e)an Ale, and a bottle of Harpoon from his cellar in exchange for some FFF and NG. When he wasn’t able to find one of the beers I was looking for, he mad an excellent substitution. Thanks again!
Sep 2010 crajun Was able to send MaBeer1972 some southern beers for a GREAT haul of NE/Mass. beers. I received the agreed upon smuttynose porters, the coveted ipswich oatmeal, a harpoon stout and 2 great extras!! a Wachusett porter and a brown ale to add to my collection - Pretty things. Great communication, 7 story drop with no damage packaging - GREAT trader!!!!
Jul 2010 MaBeer1972 Traded back in August 2003 with Psychprof from Michigan. Scored some Great Lakes, Bells, and Kraftbrau. He wanted and got some Z Street Rollstone Red and Wachusett Black Shack Porter, among others.