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Feb 2014 Ibrew2or3 Sebastian helped me out in my time of need and shipped a couple of old Stone brews that I have repeatedly missed at tastings over the years. Man that box got here fast too. Thanks a lot for helping me out. Cheers!
Oct 2013 FrumptyDumpty Great shipment and good communication. Got 2 bottles very special to me and my wife and I Very much look forward to opening them!
Apr 2013 miketd For the April Growler Swap, Sebasian sent me a growler of Dragoon IPA and added an extra of Citra Saison home brew. Thanks dude!
Mar 2013 bvc In growler swap of doom, Sebastian hooked me up with a cool sounding Saison from Dragoon’s, E. River Collaboration and tosses in a bonus bottle of Santa Fe Wild 3. Thanks again man, can’t wait to try these out!
Jun 2012 Veldrid Great trade with Sebastian. He hooked me up with some long sought after sours in return for a bunch of sours on my end. Communication was top notch and shipping quick. Couldn’t ask for a better trade.
Jun 2012 drfabulous For the June 2012 growler swap, Sebastian sent me a Dragoon IPA. Bomb proof packaging. Awesome Thanks!
Jun 2012 cpferris Super easy trade. Bulletproof packaging and great communication. Highly recommended.
May 2012 LtDan Great muling for this man, took great care of me , and makes a mean home brew.
Feb 2012 j12601 Quick and easy trade with Sebastian. We exchanged a couple of beermails during the day, had the boxes packed up that night and moving the next day. Great communication, and the fastest trade I think I’ve ever completed.
Nov 2011 javit Sebastian helped me with two very difficult to find SN Bigfoot vintages and has put me just one bottle away from completing a 20yr vertical by 2013. Great packaging and really willing to help me out! Thanks!

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