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Feb 2020 SinH4 EuroSwap 01/2020. Got a tightly packed box with lots of Finnish goodies that look interesting, and nice additions of beer coasters and sweets/liquorice. Great trade as always!
Mar 2019 Taboada Another excellent trade with Jan. He sent me a bomb-proof package, full of new finnish breweries for me. He also managed to include a couples of Göses (special request). Wide and well chosen selection. Thank you very much and till the next trade :) Cheers!
Mar 2019 Benzai Taking part in the Euro Local Swap 2019-1 I was lucky enough to receive a box from Jan again. Awesome tasty beers, interesting beers and great candy. Solid packaging as always. Many thanks Jan!
Aug 2018 daknole Man what s great trade here in Phoenix. I sure enjoyed hanging out and sharing beers. Thank you sir!
Mar 2018 Taboada Jan was my sender during the European Local Swap 1/2018. I asked him to send me a couple of Black IPA, and he sent me a wonderful box with 6 top-rated Finnish Black IPAS, 1 Estonian Black IPA plus 4 more finnish beers (I.P.A.´s and Sahti). Well packed box. Easy and pleasant comunication as well. And a plus, he sent me some finnish chocolate and liquorice. I love chocolate and Black I.P.A´s
Feb 2017 derA excellent swap during ELS 1/17, rosenbergh sent a well-packed box of 8 bottles via expedited shipping. The 8 beers were a perfect mix of famous top50s that I haven’t had and locals with very few ratings including one bottle of Sahti! Would definitely trade or swap with again!
Feb 2017 Jashiu I sincerely recommend Jan as a trade partner! The package arrived in time and was very securely packed. The selection of beers was amazing. We did a swap and Jan got me some very nice beers. It’s for contacts like that, I love trading beers. Hope to meet in person sometime bud!
Jan 2017 Benzai Received an awesome and well packed box for the Euro Santa 2016 edition from Jan. Beers from my favorite styles and very nice chocolate bars accompanied by a christmas card. Thank you Santa Jan!
Nov 2016 heemer77 Jan contacted me before he started an epic road trip in the US. We agreed to trade locals for locals. Not only did Jan deliver with some interesting Finnish and Estonian beers, but he also brought me some US beers that were not available to me locally. A super generous and fun guy!
Sep 2016 Pailhead I met up with Jan while he was in Michigan and he hooked me up with some Finnish Imperial Stouts and a Sahti. Great guy and trader! Thanks Jan!

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