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Apr 2017 hopscotch Received some cool cans, crowlers and a bottle of Minnesota beer today. I wasn’t expecting anything - not this soon anyway, but that’s Brian. Prompt. Generous. I’m looking forward to drinking this bottle of Indeed’s Cherry Dust, cans of fresh IPAs from Insight and Modist Brewing and his 10,000 RB ratings-inspired brandy barrel-aged Impy Stout from Sisyphus.
Feb 2017 Homer321 Brian sent a solid box of Minnesota yummy and an assortment of other barrel aged greatness. Packed like a pro and great communication. Thanks!
Oct 2016 hopscotch Brian sent a well-packed box of great beers my way. Surly, Clown Shoes, Fair State, Phillips and a few others. Didn’t ask for it. He just sent it. Very generous. Great guy. Great trader.
Jan 2016 Clownoisseur I reached out to Brian, offering to send him some beers from The Livery and we ended up making a trade out of it. A great spread of MN beers just showed up that included Surly, TinWhiskers, Cromulence, Bauhaus and Olvalde. Thanks a bunch! Look forward to returning the favor!
Nov 2015 douglas88 Brian sent me some Darkness and some other awesome locals. Very fast and great guy to deal with. Thanks a ton!
Sep 2015 hopscotch Brian shot me a nice, well-packed box of Bent Brewstillery BA Ol’ Guerrero Chilean Double Stout, Surly Doomtree, Surly/Lervig 1349 Pale Ale, Bent Brewstillery Funked-Up Series #2: Berry Gose, Schell Noble Star #7 - Cypress Blanc and Olvalde The Auroch’s Horn. Very much appreciated. Brian’s a great trader.
May 2015 northropfrye Another great in-person trade with Brian. Recommended!
Feb 2015 50belair Just received a sweet ass bomb proof box from Brian. The man is a pro. Good communications, easy to deal with, fast shipper, an abundance of extras. All in all a great trade. Looking forward to number two.
Feb 2015 hopscotch Brian quickly filled a request for a growler of Barley John’s Dark Knight and threw in some cool extras from Mankato Brewery, Fargo Brewing, Leinenkugels, Bauhaus Brew Labs and Fulton Beer Company. Thanks a million, Brian!
Jan 2015 weihenweizen He reached out to let me know he had beers from Arkansas and North Dakota. Super easy trade, well packed, and fast shipping. Not only did I get two state ticks, I received multiple from both states. He even landed me a couple unrated wheat beers. Recommended trader.

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