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Mar 2017 JBell14 I haven’t been on this site long, but I’ve been fortunate enough to do two trades with Chris. He went out of his way to get me some CA beers in exchange for some Trillium he was looking for. Trade with confidence. Chris communicates and packs well. I look forward to the next exchange.
Jan 2017 JBell14 Thanks for trading with a new guy Chris. I recently found this site and posted some Barrel Aged Imperial Stout from Trillium. Chris responded, and we worked out an East Coast-West Coast deal very quickly. Beer arrive well packaged. I would definitely trade with him again.
Dec 2016 yourilevesque Second round with Chris! Sent me some awesome Hangar 24 brews and plenty of great stuff I can’t wait to try! Thank you very much for this great box man!
Aug 2016 yourilevesque First trade with Chris. I was blowned away with how easy it was through the whole process. Chris answered a thread I posted on the forum a while ago and worked really hard to acquire the beer I was ISO. Unfortunately he couldn’t get the beer, but sent me a bunch a fantastic brews I was also ISO for a long long time. Chris is beyond genereous, super easy to talk with. A gentleman in every way
Mar 2016 wchesser I answered and ISO Chris put up and we agreed on a deal quickly. He shipped super quick. Package was packed very well and he threw in a tshirt as an extra. Would happily trade again sometime.
Jan 2016 weihenweizen I was looking for a Nevada beer for finish up the states. On top of the Nevada tick he was nice enough to get me several unrated wheat beers (including cellar wants). The extras: a shirt, a really nice pale ale from Alesmith, a couple coozies, and the coveted MGD six-pack holder. In all seriousness one of my favorite trades: easy, nice beers (ones I have been hoping to have),
Nov 2015 Homer321 Chris and I worked out a trade for a couple Beatifications for a smorgasbord of beers. Thanks!
Oct 2015 ndaniels13 Made a great trade with Chris. Hops for sours. Great communication, fast delivery. A perfect all around trade.
Apr 2015 yobdoog Chris’s first trade on RB! Has had some practice though for sure. Great communication, volunteered to ship first and everything arrived safe and sound. Finally got Modern Times! Thanks