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Mar 2020 Cunningham Popped up in Oslo with some Estonian gems, and 3 rare countries that is almost impossible to get a hand on unless you go there. Excellent and highly recommendable trader!
Sep 2016 Cunningham Popped up to the Sandefjord sessions with a hughe amount of Estonian goodies :-)))
Jan 2016 Cunningham Yet again this gentleman popped up with some goodies in a f2f trade. SOme strange Estonian brew are now in my possession. We celebrated his rating #4000 the same evening. Highly reccomended!
Dec 2015 Cunningham Another nice trade with Jørn. Two hard to find norwegian brew found the way to Halden. Anytime again my friend
Nov 2015 Cunningham Again a nice f2f trade. A nice bipa ended up i my bag :-)
Oct 2015 Cunningham Another f2f trade in the park. New country for me. Thanxxx a lot :-)
May 2015 Cunningham Handed over a nice one from Haandbryggeriet and shared some craft a lovely afternoon in Oslo. Recommendable and nice guy.
Feb 2014 Cunningham yet another perfect f2f trade with Jørn - now at RBNG14 recomendable and reliable
Aug 2013 Cunningham Another nice f2f trade with Mr Visionthing in Oslo. Rare east european IPAs and an new country :-D
Feb 2013 Cunningham Another f2f trede. A lovely gem from Nøgne Ø and some rare stuff from Spain and Madeira! :-)

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