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May 2015 Cunningham How how Santa Stian. I recived the largest monster box with all kind of different mead from this gentleman. Even some of his own. Recommendable and reliable trader.
Feb 2015 Cuso We started trade around Sweet Horizon from Nøgne Ø and it ended with extension to nice collection of Norwegian beers. Smooth communication, fast delivery, perfect packaging, great beers. Recommended trader.
Feb 2014 abemorsten I started fishing for a country-tick-trade last autumn and ClubGonzo took the bait on a Mozambique. After no new countries came his way for near half a year, he chose to close the deal with a local brew from his home town. Though it is not a new country (though som claim Bergen is not Norway) :-) , that beer is unavailable to me where I live. So I am happy.
Oct 2013 77ships Great trader who was very patient with the long delay on my part. He traded very reasonably for +/- €4€. I picked out the NO beers in my cellar which interested me & no fuss about anything, he agreed to all my pick’s. Friendly & nice guy. Recommended.
Mar 2013 sarro Did a giant mead for lambic trade with Stian including Kuhnhenn & B Nektar for Drie Fonteinen. He shipped after receiving our end safely and with a well packed styro shipper. He included nice extras and homebrew too. Thanks so much Stian!
Jan 2013 MtGoat Stian sent a great package out loaded with several extras.....very generous for an international trade. He sent promptly and put up with my delay due to the holiday and a recent move. Very generous and very considerate.....I’d trade with him again! I’d recommend trading with Stian!
Jan 2013 matboz Great international trade with Stian for some 750mL Cantillons and harder to get 3 fonteinen, everything was packed up safely and arrived without issue. Great communication, look forward to future trades.
Dec 2012 kraddel traded international with this guy very, very satisfied. i looked up the prices of the beer he sent me, saw what i spended, it was very dollar-to-dollar worthy ( plus ungettable for both of us ) . got them all directly shipped as soon as he got mine, all included, no broken botles ( packed in twice ! ) so i’m very, very satisfied ! little mix up on my side though, wic
Oct 2012 bierkoning Got a big box from Stian, well packed and filled with Norwegian micros and a Armand and Tomme bottle. Still had to send my package so I will do some extra shopping to at least try to even it. Good communication, very generous trader.
Oct 2012 skycracksopen I did an international trade with Stian and it went very smoothly. He packed everything very well, had great communication, and hooked me up with some excellent beer! Thanks! Highly recommended trader!

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