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After almost 40 years of enjoying beer I still haven’t found my favorite. I love all styles, some more than others. My favs are; ESB, dark English, Scotch, Pale Ale, bock, and most anything from Great Lakes, Harpoon and Leinenkugel. My motto: ALL BEERS ARE GOOD BUT SOME ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS

Favorite Style: Barley Wine
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Big River Grille & Brewing Works Chattanooga (Gordon Biersch), ChattanoogaCalfkiller Brewing Company, SpartaDowntown Grill & Brewery, KnoxvilleJackalope Brewing Company, NashvilleSaw Works Brewing Company, KnoxvilleSmoky Mountain Brewery & Restaurant, GatlinburgTerminal BrewHouse, ChattanoogaYazoo Brewing Company, Nashville