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Sep 2015 ClarkVV Joe and I did some Trillium for Russian River and it was a no-hassles, painless trade with great communication. And now I shall drink all of this delightful Russian River and be very happy. Thanks Joe!
Mar 2013 Unclerudy Joe sent me a Beat B5 and a rate beer taster for some of my mead. Awesome guy!
Mar 2011 scrizzz Joe sent me a 2010 Fiftyfifty Eclipse for winning a friendly wager. I was going to ship him something in return but there’s no return address.
Nov 2010 KAggie97 Joe, for no reason, sent me a Russian River Sanctification and a Supplication via bhops. Am I happy? I’m happier than Ted Kennedy at an orgy in the Jameson distillery. Hooowheeee!!!
Oct 2008 TheBeerSommelier For my 300th trade, I went straight to the top...and Joe hooked me up with the goods: a Russian River Supplication and HOTD Fred From the Wood. He even tossed in a cool, ’08 RBSG glass. Thanks for helping me with this great RB milestone, my man.
Oct 2003 Rastacouere JoeT apparently went out of his way to find rarities and he even added a T-Shirt! -Real Ale Sisyphus, -Curmudgeon Nip, - Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar