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Mar 2006 illinismitty Barry sent one Klunhenn Rasp Eisbock, (1) McNeills Impy stout, and was supposed to send two VT beers. He sent (4) VT beers instead, including McNeills IPA, Magic Hat Circus Boy, McNeills Altbier, Long Trail Double Bag, two of which were bombers! Also threw in a Brew City Ice from WI, good one! Barry you outdid me! I’ll make it up next time.
Mar 2006 5000 Barry helped me out with some choice brews for Hard Liver, 3 year old New Glarus Belgian Red, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock, Bieropholie Calument (2004 and 2005), + a freebie of McNeill’s Ringworm. Who could ask for more? Thanks for making Hard Liver that much more enjoyable Barry!
Jul 2005 irishsnake received 7 different Mcneil’s brews, plus a bonus Longtrail, in return for a hodgepodge that included 2 Anchor Bocks and a Russian River Suplication. Thanks for a chance to try something new, and feel free to shout any time you need something west coast.
Apr 2005 hopdog Barry sent me McNeill’s Imperial Stout, Regins stout and as an extra St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout. Thanks !
Mar 2005 JPDIPSO Muzzlehatch returns the favor with a return package of McNeill’s Alle Tage Altbier, Long Trail Double Bag, and Flag Fill Farm Sparkling Vermont Cyder. Thanks for the excellent return package in trade.
Mar 2005 jeffin7 Bare Tree Weiss Wine 2000 McNeils Imperial Stout Bonuses: Dark Horse Imperial Stout McNeils Duck Breath McNeills Alle Tage Altbier Great trader, always has what I need!
Nov 2004 jeffin7 2 McNiels Imperial Stouts 1 McNiels Kolsch 1 beiropholie Calumet 1 beiropholie Imperial Stout 1 St. Ambrose Oatmeal Stout Great double box packing.
Jul 2004 Flipbrewer muzzlehatch added some lovely craftbrews to my cellar: a bomber each of McNeils Imp. Stout, ESB, Kolsch, and Old Ringworm; and a bomber of Berkshire Imp. Stout. Some cool summer sipping will be had with these. Thanks Barry!