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Jun 2022 Grumbo Traded boxes whilst Nisse666 was in Liverpool for work. Got Finnish stuff and some new Swedish breweries as requested. No UPS dramas this time fortunately. Cheers!
Mar 2022 dunklermessias Recoived a very nice box full of Swedish beers from Thomas. Nice selection with a lot of new breweries and regions. Thanks a lot for this box. Would appreciate a beer together (some day...)!
Jan 2022 Grumbo Mostly Swedish box received from Thomas just before Christmas via his visit to Scotland - including beers from the 7 Swedish regions I’ve not yet rated and an exotic South American plus few other gems. Great to have traded again. Cheers!
Jan 2022 omhper Thomas sent me another box with beers from hard to find Swedish & Norwegian breweries, + a sample of a Zambian microbrew. Thanks a lot Thomas! Always happy to trade with you!
Jan 2022 AndySnow Awesome to do trades with. Got more than had been promised with some very nice extras. Highly recommend.
Dec 2021 Cunningham A F2F trade at Gothenburg Central station this time. Some strange swedish breweries and a new country Highly recommendable trader
Oct 2021 markoijelena I received a awesome box from Thomas. Lots of nice Swedish beers, awesome selection of styles, some local snacks, fish and jam, really nice. I was very pleased with my box! Many thanks! Highly Recommended trader! Cheers buddy
Sep 2021 Cunningham Yet another hotel reception trade with Thomas Highly recommendable trader!
May 2021 midovark Thomas was an absolute pleasure to trade with: he sought out all my preferred styles, packed the box bomb-proof and included an extra glass for me as well. The communication was smooth and easy all the way through, anytime again, thanks a lot!
Feb 2021 MarkoNm Received a fine box of Swedish delicacies for Thomas. Took some time, but it was a holiday season. Well packed, well chosen and a fine trade.

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