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Mar 2017 charule Easy IP trade in NYC. Belgium/Amsterdam for USA. Good communication, solid trade. Even hung out and had a beer together downtown. Good times bud.
May 2016 bierkoning Once again a trade with Arjen, in person in. Amsterdam. Lovely New Amsterdam beers for my Twente brews and some delicious US and Japan brews. A nice drink In De Wildeman to finish it off. Always again.
Jan 2016 Benzai This feedback accounts for multiple small IP trades I did with Arjen in 2015. Each time he managed to find me some hard to get new Dutch brewery ticks or some temporarily available US treats. Many thanks Arjen, you’re the best!
Sep 2014 bierkoning Although he doesn’t look like that old, Arjen is a veteran in the Dutch beer scene. I gave him a Jura Barrel Aged Berghoeve @ Borefts and got 2 very interesting Amsterdam bottles in return. Very friendly guy!
Sep 2014 Benzai Small IP trade at Borefts Beer Festival 2014. Arjen picked up some beers for me at De Bierkoning in Amsterdam a while ago and kept them save till now. In return I gave him two nice hoppy US beers from my last international trade. Hope you like those Arjen! Many thanks for going out of your way for me to pick those bottles up from the store and saving them for so long! Cheers!
Apr 2014 richiesd Arjen did another in person trade with me in LA! He coordinated with me a few months in advance and was able to pick up everything I wanted and more. I appreciate trading with him. Wish I could have stayed to share a beer with you! Next time.
Jan 2014 richiesd Arjen and I did an in-person trade in LA. He swapped me a bunch of cool european beers, and I brought him a bunch of california goodies (i can’t believe he was gonna take the bus with that many bottles!!). What a great guy. would love to get a beer with you again one day.
Sep 2013 Countbeer Arjen and I have made some kind of trades several times. It’s more like he can reserve something from de Bierkoning and I can pay for it when we meet. I always try to bring something local. So he can still taste something for his going-out-of-the-way-getting-beers-for-me work! Shared some beers multiple times and is one easy going guy! Thanks very much for the beers and service!
May 2013 bierkoning Arjen sent me a package with the latest of Amsterdam breweries (Oedipus, Pampus) and some De Prael and Schans. Excellent choice, great trade!