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Jun 2018 shrubber85 One more in our ongoing trades
Jun 2018 FlandersNed Another great trade in our ongoing saga of trades: He hooked me up with a bunch of good condition cans for my collection. Stockpiling beers for the next round already!
May 2018 FlandersNed Yet another great trade and all’s well: Working on the next swap as I rate here...Good guy/trader!
May 2018 shrubber85 Another great trade
Jan 2018 shrubber85 Another boxful of WV beers, meads, and ciders. Great packing.
Sep 2017 shrubber85 Boxful of WV ciders and meads. Another well-packed and quick trade.
Jul 2017 Leighton Had a great IP trade with David in London. He brought some WV goodies (plus extra!), and that made me happy. We also had a few beers at the Euston Tap. Many thanks!
Jul 2017 FlandersNed Completed our fourth trade a couple months ago - always a good swap. (Sorry for the slow feedback). Already starting to work on #5!
Jun 2017 shrubber85 2nd in person trade - on my way back from DC. Always sets me up well.
Jun 2017 shrubber85 In person trade in Charleston. Nice selection of WV meads and ciders + Belgian beers

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