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Dec 2009 StFun Joe graciously kicks me a rare bottle without asking for anything crazy in return. Included some really cool extras as well. Great trade all around, Joe’s the man!
Jun 2009 noncaloric In exchange for a variety of New Glarus products, Joe sent me 7 Brooklyn 12 oz-ers, plus Brooklyn Local 1 and 2. Great communications and packaging. Would trade again.
Apr 2009 That1Guy Awesome trade with Joe. Trade was for a Captain Lawrence Rosso, and Joe bonused Brooklyn Black Chocolate, Local 2, and Monster Ale. Incredibly well packaged. Would trade with Joe any time anywhere.
Jan 2009 wetherel Joe is a Saint for hooking me up with some very tasty brews: Brooklyn Black Ops, Harpoon Leviathan, Saints Devotion, and Smuttynose Wheat Wine. Super well packaged. Thanks Joe!!
Aug 2008 cloudskipper Joe went well out of his way to send me a Cuvee de Castleton, as well as ST Creme Brulee Stout. Awesome packaging, great communication. Enjoy the IPA box sir! Thanks again!
Aug 2008 ucusty Excellent SS box!!!! Thx Again! CL- xtra gold (wl) CL- cuvee de castleton (WL) 3Fonteinen- oude geuze (wl) ST- Cherry Saison (WL) Lancaster BC winter warmer
May 2007 OKBeer Joe and I traded packages when an in-person meetup fell through. I only knew of 1 bottle for sure, and only expected a couple. Open the box, first thought was cool, Boon Gueuze. Mmmm, gueuze. 2nd bottle - is that a Pannepot? Bottle 3 - my God, Lost Abbey Avant Garde! 4, cool bottle for the Brooklyn Local 1, the expected one. Awesome - made even moreso when I noticed the Boon was Mariage Parfait!
May 2007 jason Joe sent the agreed upon BA Old Salty 2005 and a bonus Imperial Stout I never had - Heavy seas Peg Leg. Well packed box! Would trade again with Joe any time. Thanks again Joe.
Jan 2007 hopdog Propeller Porter that is (a new Province for me!). He also sent me; Middle Ages Dragon Slayer, Ipswich Oatmeal Stout, Captain Lawrence Extra Gold, Brooklyn Monster Ale, BFM La Meule, Thomas Hooker Hop Meadow IPA, & Middle Ages The Duke Of Winship. Thanks Joe!!!
Jul 2006 OhioDad Joe sent me a great big box including Victory Sunrise, Innis & Gunn Oak Aged, Dragon Stout, Pumphouse Scotch Ale, Long Trail Double Bag, Anchor Bock, Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55, Brooklyn Brooklyner Weiss, Propeller Porter, Southampton Abbot 12, and Ommegang Rare Vos. Several crossed off my wishlist. Joe is a great trader!!

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