Most Top 50 Beers Rated

Listed here are members with the most reviews of the Ratebeer Top 50. With the selection dialog to the right, you can also view raters of each style of beer. To qualify for our Top 50 lists, a beer but be currently available as determined by site policy (i.e. not "retired"), and have at least 10 ratings by qualified members (considered "qualified" when a user reaches 10 ratings of their own).

  Name State Country Sampled
 150belair Florida USA50
 1Clownoisseur Michigan USA50
 3djd07 Texas USA48
 3jtclockwork New Jersey USA48
 3_angst_ Sweden 48
 3Klimaet Denmark 48
 7kraddel Belgium 47
 7ctipping Florida USA47
 9RobertDale Kansas USA46
 10kermis Netherlands 45
 10rouhlas Greece 45
 10tkrjukoff Sweden 45
 10hackobock Sweden 45
 10Huhzubendah Washington DC USA45
 15fonefan Denmark 44
 15Scopey Scotland 44
 15Ktwse Illinois USA44
 15biggsbowler Florida USA44
 19DSG Israel 43
 19rlgk Sweden 43
 19phaleslu Ohio USA43
 19BuckeyeBoy Idaho USA43
 19daknole Arizona USA43
 19vtafro New Jersey USA43
 19chibuck Illinois USA43
 26cgarvieuk Scotland 42
 26Leighton Greater London England 42
 26brokensail California USA42
 26bytemesis California USA42
 26hopscotch Florida USA42
 26ansalon Sweden 42
 26markextrae Sweden 42
 26RasmusOtt Denmark 42
 34madmitch76 Essex England 41
 34tiong Finland 41
 34JulienHuxley Quebec Canada 41
 34kryon Sweden 41
 34Art Pennsylvania USA41
 34charule Illinois USA41
 40Travlr South Dakota USA40
 40AdmiralVernon Sweden 40
 42mcberko British Columbia Canada 39
 42Theydon_Bois Buckinghamshire England 39
 42alexsdad06 Ohio USA39
 45anders37 Sweden 38
 45Dedollewaitor Denmark 38
 45b3shine Indiana USA38
 45Beerman6686 Pennsylvania USA38
 45tom10101 Quebec Canada 38
 45hallinghansen Denmark 38

* Top 50 beers at RateBeer change frequently.