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June 2017 Ratings

UserPic for yespr yespr 511
UserPic for chrisv10 chrisv10 508
UserPic for Rasmus40 Rasmus40 477
UserPic for Finn Finn 475
UserPic for fonefan fonefan 452
UserPic for Borup Borup 452
UserPic for j12601 j12601 425
UserPic for Koelschtrinker Koelschtrinker 411
UserPic for Beerhunter111 Beerhunter111 395
UserPic for anders37 anders37 359

New Users

UserPic for slybone slybone bumhome, Anguilla
UserPic for Liverpool72 Liverpool72 Enköping, Sweden
UserPic for MaltProfessor80 MaltProfessor80 Australia
UserPic for dikkelouie dikkelouie Heteren, Netherlands
UserPic for grolly grolly Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
UserPic for knogsy knogsy Petersham, Australia
UserPic for dylanhare dylanhare Kitchener, Ontario
UserPic for tom_marquass tom_marquass Denmark
UserPic for Morphizhen Morphizhen sparks, Nevada
UserPic for BarrelWarden95 BarrelWarden95 Jakarta, Indonesia

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