Chateau Kamiya

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beers 3222 º places 286 º 18:08 Wed 6/12/2013

Does anyone know if they do the nomihodai thing every year? I am itching to get up there again and this seems like a good opportunity.

beers 4533 º places 294 º 21:02 Wed 6/12/2013

I think so. I know they did it over Golden Week.

beers 8369 º places 609 º 21:39 Wed 6/12/2013

Beers there are pretty cheap even without that, as long as you like drinking big mugs.

beers 3222 º places 286 º 22:24 Wed 6/12/2013

Yeah, nice and cheap anyway, but the nomihodai adds a little bit if excitement. Is that a British thing?
My wife checked the website and could find no sign of it yet but I saw someone mention it on trip advisor. Maybe we’ll give them a call.