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Haus Brau Altbier
By Gmku

Recipe: Extract (using late ad

1 lbs. Durst Medium Crystal

3/4 pound Durst Munich

1/4 pound Durst Pilsen


6 lbs. Alexanderís Munich Malt Syrup

1 lbs. Amber Dry Malt Extract

HOPS (Spalt, 2.66 oz total)

2/3 oz. Spalt at 60 minutes
1 oz. at 45 and 15 minutes


Wyeast #1007 German Ale in starter

PRIMED FOR CARBONATION with 4.2 oz corn sugar for 4.7 gallons at 62F, to achieve approximately CO2 level of 2.5.

1. Partial mash. Crush all grains and put them in grain steeping bag. Bring 2.5 quarts of water to boil for 10 minutes, then remove from heat and let cool to 170. Then add grain bag to water, make sure it is completely soaked, cover, and let sit for 1 hour. To keep the temp around 150, you can put this in an oven warmed to 150-170. After an hour, remove the grain bag and add the mash to brewing kettle. Sparge with an additional 3 quarters of water at 170 degrees. Throw away grain bag.

2. Add enough water to the mash to bring boil volume to 3 gallons.

3. At boil temp (212F), remove kettle from heat. Add the DME and about 1 pound of the LME. You wil add the remaining 5 lbs. of so of LME in the last 15 minutes of the boil. Stir to completely dissovle the extracts youíve added.

4. After kettle returns to a boil, begin timing of boil and add hops per schedule. Stir frequently.

5. At 15 minutes remaining in the boil, remove kettle from heat. Add remaining LME. Make sure the LME is well-dissolved in the wort before returning kettle to heat.

6. After returning wort to heat, stir frequently to avoid scorching and carmelization of the wort. Donít worry if the wort does not come back to a boil.

7. At end of boil, follow your established procedures for cooling, topping off to 5 gallons, aerating, and pitching yeast. Donít forget to take hydrometer reading before pitching yeast and conducting a taste test!

8. Fermentation in primary should take about 7 days.

9. Rack to secondary. After a couple of days at room temperature, move secondary to refrigerator, for temps around 40-45F. Cold condition for two weeks or longer.

10. Bottle with corn sugar.

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