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Lambic Style - Gueuze

Gueuze is a blend of young and old lambic. The yeasts are rejuvenated and carbonation ensues. The old lambic is more refined in character and helps take some of the edge off of the young lambic. The hops used are old, and act only as a preservative, so hop character is not a part of the style. The wild yeasts not only ferment and sour the beer, but they bring the funky, unpredictable flavours that characterize all lambic beers. A quality gueuze will be blended to eliminate some of the less desirable flavours. Above all else, a gueuze should be sour and very complex. The best examples are the most complex beers in the world, and put most champagnes to shame as well. The finish should be bone dry.


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89 Lambic Style - Gueuze rated 
89 Lambic Style - Gueuze rated 
87 Lambic Style - Gueuze rated 
81 Lambic Style - Gueuze rated 
81 Lambic Style - Gueuze rated