Sexual Chocolate Release

Saturday, February 06, 2010 - TBD
Foothills Brewing
638 W 4th St
Winston Salem, NC, USA 27101-2730


The date has officially been set for the release of the 2010 Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout: February 6, 2010. As in previous years, we will offer the award-winning beer both on draft and (for a very limited time) in 22-ounce bottles. The Sexual Chocolate was recently awarded a Bronze Medal in the Imperial Stout/Porter category at the Great American Beer Festival. Stay posted for further details.

Cost: Free

Contact Info

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Tits at the tasting, gotta be a way to wing that. Custy is coming for the same reason we all are: the trading value of the beer and the boss tasting the night before. Anyone who doesn’t drink every single one of their bottles themselves has a similar motivation
        emacgee, 1/16/2010
Ucusty, Why are you coming if you hate the beer so much? Keep the negativity at home...
        cardsfan1, 1/11/2010
Tasting yes, Sexy choc not so sure.... Strip club after party was epic!
        ucusty, 1/10/2010
So far 7 out of the 17 people that say they are going are from Tampa, FL looks like FL will be well represented in NC. Looking forward to the Foot Sex tasting the night before!!
        jdubFL, 12/29/2009
This an event that I would love to go to but work will not give me the time off. Anyone from NC wants to pick a bottle or two but for me for a trade I would be your new best friend.
        Duhast500, 12/27/2009
move the tasting to the strip club?
        SpencerDB, 12/16/2009
Still not willing to skip out on the tasting to go see tits.
        kp, 12/15/2009
Definitely not missing out on the strip club this year!
        TURDFERGUSON, 11/25/2009