GTs Birthday Bash Tasting


***NB: Time is still TBA***

***NB: Moved to Oct 8th Saturday as Oct 9th Sunday is the Stillwater event at Maxs Taphouse in Baltimore***

Come to the next DC local tasting that we are long overdue for slash celebrate my birthday!!!

Cost: bring good beer

Contact Info: GT2 (BM me) NEW DATE!!!!!


Drake 10/2/2011
Back to being a maybe with the date change.
GT 9/29/2011
NEW DATE EVERYONE- Stop by on Saturday and we will crack a few goodies. I have some good stuff to share hint hint.
oteyj 9/22/2011
Thoughts on a pregame?

We could take an Amtrak from the city and split a 2.6 mile taxi to Maxs
For after, I have some delicious rarities, as does Carl.


If You're Staying Local
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