Napa Smith Tapping Party & Hopageddon Release

Friday, March 09, 2012 - 6pm
The Beer Sellar
6466 E. 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN, USA 46250


Come join the Napa Smith Brewery owners and sales team as we share our line of beers, including some special limited releases:

- ORGANIC IPA, @ 75 IBUs and 7.1% ABV, this is a 2011 Great American Beer Fest medal-winner and our most popular beer!

- HOPAGEDDON, our special limited-release... rumor has it that Nostradamus predicted there would come a 144 IBU, 9.2% Imperial IPA aged in Chardonnay & Cabernet barrels, and it would change the world forever!

- GRATEFUL DOG, a 10% ABV Barleywine, brewed with Botrytis-infused Semillion grapes & blended with our 2yr old Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter

- COOL BREW - our spring seasonal, this "Hop Ale" is intensely dry-hopped to produce an amazing nose, but is balanced enough to refresh you without killing the taste buds. Try it with Beer Sellarís Garlic Wings!

- BONFIRE - our winter seasonal, this smooth Imperial Porter is definitely a winter warmer at 8% ABV, but its sweet caramel, dark chocolate and coffee flavors play nicely with your mouth.

- LOST DOG RED ALE, a rich & robust 35IBU, 7.2& ABV full-bodied beer that takes you on a rollercoaster of flavors, from sweet, caramel to warm biscuit notes and leaves you with a pleasant hoppy finish. This is the BBQ lovers beer!


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