DC/Baltimore Gathering

Saturday, February 02, 2013 - 2pm
Maniacís place
Baltimore, MD, USA


The February edition of the DC/Baltimore groups tastings. Bring some good beer and some snacks to share. If you donít know how to get here, drop me a message and Iíll send directions.


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Due to a young child with RSV I have to withdrawl :(
        Shaftie, 2/1/2013
Wish I could be there. I have to work. Cya next time.
        Huhzubendah, 1/31/2013
One of my friends has his going away party on Saturday, so Iíll miss this one. Hope you guys have fun!
        GT2, 1/31/2013
Iíll be in town from AZ. Just got back from Wisconsin with bottles from New Glarus. Please BM me if itíd be alright to attend.
        nbutler11, 1/28/2013


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