Walt Powell Memorial Day

Thursday, June 05, 2014 -

everywhere on this planet, USA


On this date in 2013 we learned of the passing of ratebeer legend Walt Powell. Today is a day dedicated to his memory. Drink a beer, watch a movie, observe a quiet moment--just do something in Walt’s memory.


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This beer is for you my brother Walt!
        Errl, 6/5/2014

        theisti, 5/21/2014
Still missed- now and ever
        fly, 5/15/2014
RIP sweet sweet Walt!
        hopscotch, 4/22/2014
Why is this not on 28 Mar, the day he signed up on ratebeer. I would much rather celebrate that, then the later. Jmo...Shawn
        SHIG, 1/25/2014
I cannot believe it has been 6 mo...he was one of the first I chatted with when chat was new every where
        aobecksy, 12/16/2013
If anybody runs a Beer Meetup, maybe have a special Meetup on that day.
        Cybercat, 8/18/2013
Miss you Walter.
        TURDFERGUSON, 8/5/2013

        egajdzis, 6/27/2013

        bu11zeye, 6/14/2013
Damn shame indeed, sometimes life is just not fair.
        StefanSD, 6/7/2013
        radarsock, 6/6/2013
Raised an Orval in Walt’s memory tonight. Rest in peace.
        Drake, 6/5/2013