Siren MTB

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 7pm
Edinburgh , USA


A Ticketed Meet the Brewer but open bar with 21 Siren Beers on

Beer list, available by following link.

Cost: £20for the Official event

Contact Info

No contact information provided


Iím assuming it will just be the mystery beer and perhaps the pin on the bar that wonít be on at opening. As an aside - I can only post one comment? Because I havenít paid?
        Stuu666, 9/3/2013
Iíll probably get there after 6
        BenH, 9/2/2013
I might be able to get away by about 3, Tuesdays arenít the easiest, but Iíd try and have a quiet word with someone behind the scenes that weíd be able to get our hands on everything before MTB kick off. In saying that with the spread of beers, I canít
        McNeillR, 9/2/2013
I should be ther 4:30 to 5pm; and Niall most usually go on early, just a few that may need sweet talk or wed visit
        cgarvieuk, 9/2/2013