The Only Cafe Winter 2014 Beer Fest

Friday, February 21, 2014 - Saturday, February 22, 2014 -
The Only Cafe
972 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON, Canada M4J 1L9


How it Works:

We sell tickets at $1 each. Each ticket gets a 5oz sample of almost all offerings. 4 tickets gets you 16oz.

Lineups? Probably:
But if you’re waiting to get outside to the patio action, there couldn’t be a better lineup to be in - the one in front our 25 taps!

Also, we’ll set up five sampling booths inside on the coffee side.

Either way, in the winter version, the weather usually does the trick to expediate patio crowd turnover.

Cost: $1 ticket

Contact Info

416 463-7843


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