Natifest ’14


Fifty West Brewing beer flights and pick two beers from your own collection that are not distributed in the Tri-State to share. Flights, two rounds of apps and tip. Twenty people private room capacity with extra seating outside.

Cost: $15.00

Contact Info: tmoney99


abistany 8/1/2014
I definitely know very little in comparison but thank you for allowing me this great opportunity to learn!
Chudwick 8/1/2014
Changed my mind; will be bringing 5 Rabbit Yodo con Leche and 5 Rabbit’s collab with Nogne-O Naked Rabbit. May bring the AtG bay and Peppers Your Bretts.
Brigadier 7/28/2014
Will likely be bringing a growler from Willoughby Brewing along with a bottle or two from the cellar
JStax 6/4/2014
Thanks for arranging this, Tom.