Tasting @ the Farmhouse

Saturday, September 08, 2007 - 5pm<viola id=armsart.
mj’s house
State College, PA, USA 16801


The grill will be out, footbal

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Maybe doing a blind tasting of
        kmweaver, 9/7/2007
Whoís got the cajones to do th
        auerbrau, 9/6/2007
this will be a lot of beer. b
        3fourths, 9/6/2007
Looks like Iíll bring Le Woody
        kramer, 9/5/2007
Why not? Iíve got a bottle of
        3fourths, 9/5/2007
...the following set aside: Wh
        kmweaver, 9/3/2007
...the following (at least): P
        auerbrau, 9/3/2007
we have Cantillon 1900 Grand C
        lilannie, 9/2/2007
Take a look at my on-deck list
        kramer, 8/31/2007


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