Backusís Backdoor Bash


Cost: 0

Contact Info: mcbackus ( 321.784.0930


mcbackus 10/19/2008
here is my mobile number 321.917.4467 and my home number 321.986.6028 call if you need too
hopscotch 10/19/2008
It is time!
GodOfThunder 10/17/2008
Letís get it on!!
SoLan 10/16/2008
Officially gangster. Recognize that shit.
Immy 10/15/2008
Provided McBackus is cool, with it, Ted is innit!
BeerVirgin72 10/15/2008
Ummm...If this was REALLY gangster, shouldnt that read GANGSTA??? I am VERY excited for this!!!!


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