Night Of The Barrels @ Extreme Beer Fest

Friday, February 20, 2009 - Monday, January 01, 1900 - 6-9:30
Boston Center For The Arts
539 Tremont
Boston, MA, USA


100% wood-aged beers w/ upwards of 50 offerings.

A very special, exclusive, and all inclusive evening of wood-aged beers (from fresh oak to bourbon barrels to wine barrels), guest speaker panel, tasty snacks, complimentary hydration, chance to rub elbows with the industry. Not to be missed. Limited to 500 tickets.

Cost: $50

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They listed 10 or so breweries so far, they are all repeats from last year so far.
        Rciesla, 11/18/2009
British beers anyone?
        reakt, 2/4/2009
canít wait!
        bstill, 1/21/2009
Good to hear that we are drawing in people that donít know what BA is ... theyíll come to know us when they look to get tickets for the next fest.
        jasonalstrom, 1/17/2009
"Tasting schmasting. We need to go out, out our hard earned buzzes into effect and tear that mother lovin town up"
        dmac, 1/1/2009


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