DRAFT Magazine Craft Beer Festival

Saturday, June 20, 2009 - 1:00 - 5:00
Turf Paradise
1501 W. Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ, USA 85023


Join DRAFT Magazine at this very special event. Featuring some very unique and special craft beers and specialty imports, along with food pairings. Featured breweries include Papago Brewing, Sun Up Brewing, Sonoran Brewing, Four Peaks, San Tan, Port and The Lost Abbey, Avery Brewing, Lost Coast, Breckenridge, The Bruery, Left Hand, Alaskan, Big Sky, New Belgium and more. Several breweries will be sending some extra special products avaialble all day. This event is limited to only 500 people, ensuring little, if any lines. A tax deductible donation to PBS of $60 is the only cost.

Cost: $60

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Food and beer pairings, some special releases from several breweries (Avery 15, DFH 120 and stuff from Lost Abbey, Breckenridge and more) being poured all day rather than just at a certain time, a limit of 500 people, ensuring little if any lines. Basically, its like 4 hours of VIP
        AZeagle, 6/5/2009
plus, its a tax deductible donation to PBS, making your net cost (for those in the 25% bracket) only $45 and as previously mentioned, there will be higher quality beer than at the usual beer fest.
        AZeagle, 6/5/2009
        nbutler11, 6/2/2009


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