Dogs with beer names

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Brother in law named his dog Abbey

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Originally posted by boogychillin
Originally posted by SudsMcDuff
.. are lame.

Agree, and OP, please pick a different name for your dog. Poor thing doesnít want that name. You might think its cool, itís not.

Iím sorry I donít fit your definition of cool, douchebag. Do you even lift?

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I have cats named Lambic and Tremens. They are awesome...and if they met Fantome that might be over the top. Poor things love their names, and itís so cool it hurts.

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Originally posted by ksurkin
i think Barley is a great doge name.

My dogs name is barley.
We were tossing around growler as well, but settled on Barley.

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Forty, as in 40oz.

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If I ever get a dog (I wonít), I shall call him Dark Lord.

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Erwayís dog is named Barley.

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an employee found a kitten at Cigar City in one of the brewhouses this past week and has dubbed it Zhukov. we are looking for a home for this little guy

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Rasputin would be a cool name for a Black Lab

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08:09 Tue 6/25/2013

We named our chocolate labrador "Brewer."