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Vienna, Austria
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Avg Score Given: 3.03 · Avg Beer Rated: 3.12 · Favorite style: Imperial IPA

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Ale Project India Pale Ale naturtrübIndia Pale Ale (IPA)1.32/25/2013
Hofstettner SündenbockHeller Bock3.41/7/2013
Hofstettner Heller Bock SaphirHeller Bock3.91/6/2013
Hofstettner KübelbierZwickel/Keller/Landbier3.51/6/2013
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Heller Bock
India Pale Ale (IPA)
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added a new place: Brew Age Shop in Vienna 1 month ago
added a new Heller Bock: Stiegl-Ambulanz Osterbock (7.5%) 4 months ago
added a new Imperial/Double IPA: Brew Age Affenkönig (8.2%, 70 IBU) 4 months ago
reviewed Beer Store Vienna 5 months ago
reviewed The Dogstar Craftbeer Bar 6 months ago
reviewed Fassldippler 10 months ago
added a new place: Fassldippler in Vienna 10 months ago
added a new place: ZÅMM Coffee Collective in Vienna 10 months ago
added a new place: Grand Cru in Vienna 12 months ago
reviewed Lane & Merriman’s 12 months ago