Bière de Garde / de Mars / Brut

The Bière de Garde is a fairly strong, malt-accentuated, lagered beer with a range of malt flavors appropriate for the color. Three main variations are included in the style: the brown (brune), the blond (blonde), and the amber (ambrée). The darker versions will have more malt character, while the paler versions can have more hops but are still malt-focused beers. A related style is Bière de Mars, which is brewed in March for present use and will not age as well. All are malty yet dry, with clean flavors and a smooth character. Related to the Belgian Saison style, the main difference is that the Bière de Garde is rounder, richer, malt-focused, and lacks the spicy, bitter character of a Saison. Also in this style is the Bière Brut, brewed with Champagne yeast and marked by high carbonation which allows for a very dry, high in alcohol Belgian beer.

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Top Beers of the Style
Hill Farmstead Biere de Norma (4.012805)
Jolly Pumpkin Bière de Mars (3.816126)
Leelanau Good Harbor Golden (3.784585)
Casey Bière de Garde (3.777624)
Tired Hands Fence Mender (3.714148)