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Beer trading and bartering (no selling!).

FT: 2015 Bourbon County Regular & Barleywine, ISO: Veritas 16
ISO: 3f Schaerbeeks Kriek FT: HF, SP etc... (Intl okay)
FT: Casey, HF, List ISO: BCBS & Variants, List
ISO:Hunahpu FT:lambics IP Belgium only
FT: Cantillon , De Cam , 3 Fonteinen / ISO : List
ISO HF Twilight of the Idols FT Julius 10/23 + Haze 10/25
2016 Superstition Meadery Trustee
FT: Pappy Mexican Cake ISO: List
ISO: BC Rare ’15 FT: Darkstar November ’15 x 2 + Pugachev Royale (Pre)
ISO: New Day
FT: Central Waters Black Gold
ISO: Vanilla Rye FT: BT Reserve
ISO: Mikkeller Nelson Sauvign Brut
ISO: Hill Farmstead Madness & Solitude, FT: Wine Barrel Ag HF Saison (IP NH,VT,MA)
Iso Prop 2015
ISO: Rare 15’, Coffee 15’ FT: List
ISO: Gin Clara FT: Grimm BB Double Negative
FT: HFS Dorothy, Anna, Clara, Carton Cans, OH Hop Showers
FT:2015 Vanilla Bean DL/or 2014 GI Prop ISO: Double Barrel Huna
ISO: Crianza FT: Flora Cuvée+Gin Clara+Orviamo+AdF+CD15 (Intl ok)
ISO: The Rare Barrel; FT: List
FT: Local Orange County, CA beers ISO: Local $4$
ISO: Lambic, FT: Resolute: Coconut, Double Vanilla, Apple Brandy, Trickery (Int’l OK)
(EU) FT Choklat ISO Omnipollo Agamemnon
IP Denver now through Monday FT - Schlafly Eleventh Labor, Bo & Luke ISO - Casey brew or glass

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